Why fill in an online passenger form before entering Slovenia?

When travelling to Slovenia, as in many other EU countries, certain documents are required. However, the online passenger form is the most important document before the passport and travel visa. It can be obtained at the airport or online. What are the good reasons to fill in a form before travelling to Slovenia? Find out some reasons in this article.   

Unrestricted access to all cities in the country 

The various restrictions to combat the spread of the coronavirus have been lifted in Slovenia. This opens the door to all those who wish to travel for any activity. To obtain a travel document for Slovenia as soon as possible, follow the link passengerlocatorform.us. It is also possible to use the digital services of the Slovenian embassy to get your form.

This form is mandatory for all passengers, regardless of the means of transport used to travel to Slovenia. Although it does not replace the visa, it is a trackable electronic form that provides information on your health status. Finally, the form allows you not only to travel, but also to benefit from adequate health protection measures.

Benefit from health protection during your stay 

The electronic passenger location form (PLF) replaces the GTV requirement in Slovenia. Thus, by providing the necessary information when filling in the form, you are monitored throughout your stay in the country. This is a great measure to limit the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic in the country. 

Moreover, during your follow-up, you will be called if necessary to verify the information provided in the form. However, it is important to avoid providing false information in the form to avoid legal sanctions. In addition, you will need to fill in all the information relating to the measures against Covid-19. In short, it is important to fill in this form as a passenger in order to travel to Slovenia and also to have good health security against Covid-19.