What are the most common types of scams on the web?

The internet is a place where you do your research and shopping online. Despite its safe aspect, it is also the hunting ground for malicious people. As a result, you may fall victim to a scam. It can come in many forms. What are they? More information here.

Fake online sales or services websites

The internet allows you to do many things. You can go to an interesting site to discover some advantages of its use. Nevertheless, going there is not always safe since you risk being scammed. Indeed, some ill-intentioned people make use of it to get money out of you. One of the most common forms of scams are fake sales sites.

Scammers create platforms that are almost identical to those of well-known department stores. This is how they manage to register your orders. Unfortunately, you will never receive the product you bought and the site in question will disappear some time later.

Dropshipping and online investments

Dropshipping is a fairly common business technique these days. It is simply platforms that offer items for sale from large suppliers. They inflate the price slightly to make a good profit. Some scammers use this to earn huge commissions. For a product worth 150 euros, they can charge you triple or more.

Also, some people are often contacted on social networks for investments. This is a form of scam that mainly targets seniors who think they will get an excellent return. Unfortunately, this is not the case.


The most common form of internet scam is pishing. Scammers use all means to deceive you in order to obtain your personal information. This information is then used to empty your bank accounts.