What are the functions of a chatbot?


The use of chatbots is one of the important tools for both ordinary users and companies in the era of technology evolution. A company can use it for example to communicate with its potential customers. It is difficult to respond to the various concerns of the customers in full time. Installing a chatbot is the ideal tool in such a situation. Find out in this article how a chatbot works.

How a chatbot works

Thanks to the API functionality of the Facebook application, chatbots can interact with users. The communication is done using videos, texts, images and buttons. For the creation of my chatbot, i was reading this on the site, it may help you. Indeed, chatbots are very important for entrepreneurs with Facebook business pages. Especially, those who have an activity in the field of marketing. As an example, a chatbot in your absence, can allow a customer to have some information or to acquire a product he wants in your company.

Communicating with a chatbot

You can follow these steps to communicate with a chatbot. Click on the Facebook Messenger button located on any page. Thn click on the "Message" button; you will see a chat window appear. This window contains either a presentation of the different services or products of the company, or a greeting.

 Apart from that, you can choose the option to get a response according to your needs or to start a dialogue directly. To do so, you just need to press the "Start" button in the window. You will see a series of keywords that will follow and it will guide you through different procedures. This saves you enough time and eliminates the options that are unnecessary. 

The chatbot just uses the keywords that users or customers enter in the chat line and it interprets the ones they might be looking for.