Top four of the social medias the most used

Books, televisions, radios, have been replaced by social medias. People spend their time on social medias through their mobile phones, tablets, laptops. Let's discover the social medias the most used.


When we talk about social medias, Facebook cannot be neglected. Despite the fact there is a lot of different social medias, Facebook still have the greatest number of users. In 2020, it counted about 2.5 billion of active users. This is due to the fact that, this platform is always in innovation. It offers a wide variety of functions as stories, video lives, and also different manners to promote a business.


This platform is also among the social media the most used. In 2020 YouTube has been in tendency and this continues in 2021. With about 2 billion active users, this platform is in a good position. This platform is known for videos that can be watched. As you know, videos are an excellent way to convey message. This can make this social media the most used in coming years. YouTube offers entrepreneurs, a large audience to have visibility on their products or services.


With about 1.5 billion of active users, WhatsApp is one of the social medias the most used to write messages. It is also a good platform to promote your business. This platform is already used for marketing purposes, but people said that it may become important in the field of marketing in coming years.


This social media is used by more than 1 billion persons. It is also a platform which gives different functions as stories, video lives etc. With Instagram, you can also have visibility on your products. The advertising you can find on Instagram may also appear on Facebook. The two platforms are linked. This gives the two social medias a dynamic side.