The Internet of Behaviors IoB: what does it mean?

The success of a company’s products depends on the satisfaction it provides its clients. Before being able to satisfy somebody, it is important to know him. This is the case where IoB can help you. Let's discover what is an IoB and why it can be helpful for the success of your company's products and change the world.

What is an IoB?

The Internet of Behaviors is the collection of data to get information about someone's behavior and interest in real life. That information is obtained from electronic gadgets of a user or its activities online. The internet of Behaviors tries to understand the collected information in order to create products or propose services that fit with the user. The data collected by The Internet of Behaviors are derived from different sources: social media, government and public institution's data about citizens, data from GPS.

The advantages of using IoB in companies

As this technology is a mean of knowing your clients, it will help you to know the products that they will appreciate. With the data collected, you can study how clients interact with the products. The internet of Behaviors also helps you to resolve problems related to your products. So, you can close sales quickly and have the satisfaction of the clients. Keep clients satisfied is very important for your company success. The Internet of Behaviors will help you to know what will make your customers be interested in your products.

The impact of the use of the Internet of Behaviors on world development

With the use of this technology, companies know how to ameliorate their products to satisfy their clients. They use information gathered about clients to offer appropriate services for their customers. For example, for commercial vehicles, telematics can survey how drivers behave when driving. Companies use data collected from this to ameliorate driver’s performance. This will guarantee the security.