How to develop your emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence deserves to be worked on daily. But how to do this work if you are not aware of it? Our article will focus on the development of emotional intelligence.

Stay calm and trust your body

With emotional logic, we are tempted to "control" our emotions. For other information, we are available.  But when we are overwhelmed, we lose our reason and our calm. According to Catherine Emele-Perissol, psychopragmatologist and founder of The Logic of Emotions1, "emotions have a logic: they start from the body and then spread to the mind. This is why it is preferable to rely on the first one so as not to lose control. Fear, anger, sadness and even joy emerge when an event upsets us. Emotions tell us that something is wrong or, on the contrary, that we should take advantage of a good opportunity. They are only information. 

An expression of complex feelings... First of all for myself

With the help of psychoanalysis, we have to express what is wrong. Of course, we know that it is not a good idea to run away from emotions, to deny them or to repress them, because they can intensify. It's an impulse. It's a wave of energy that moves us, sometimes too much and often in a messy way. It cannot be silenced or set aside. So we have to be able to express what moves us, which is not easy because we have learned to stop any excessive pressure. But expressing ourselves does not mean telling the other person how we feel, even if we use advanced communication techniques.

Develop your sixth sense and get rid of explanations.

Intuitive intelligence is part of emotional intelligence. It allows us to understand what is going on inside us (intrapersonal intelligence) and what is going on in others (interpersonal intelligence). In fact, everyone knows how to get this information without thinking about it. Most languages are non-verbal: for example, when we enter a room, we spontaneously perceive its atmosphere. Intuition helps us to adapt to the situation. When you trust your inner voice, you can identify the feelings of the people around you, so you can work with them, not against them.