How to become a permanent resident in the USA?

Now that you have finished your studies, you have finally decided to pursue your professional career in the USA. To live and work in the United States, you need a green card. Without this document, it is impossible for you to make this dream come true. So, what is the green card and how do you get it?

The importance of the green card

The green card is a card that makes you eligible to live and work freely in the United States. It is a document designed by the US government that allows it to identify all foreigners living in its territory. With this card, you have the same rights and duties as an American citizen. Click here to get more information. However, you have the obligation to respect all the laws that govern the daily life of citizens and to pay taxes. Nevertheless, you do not enjoy certain privileges. Only nationals have the right to vote. Moreover, nationals are not obliged to carry an identity card. You cannot vote or travel without a green card. You have to go out with this document every time. The Green Card also gives you the possibility to continue your studies and to work. You can enrol in any university in the United States, if you can afford to do so. Nevertheless, the permanent resident card, gives you a discount on your tuition fees.

How to get a green card

To get the green card, there are several possibilities. You can play the visa lottery, marry a US citizen, make investments, sponsor yourself to an employer, sponsor yourself to a family member living in the US, have a special talent, etc. In fact, every year the US government gives out more than 50,000 free green cards to all citizens of the world, especially those states that migrate less to the US. To participate in this draw, all you have to do is visit the official website of the US embassy in your country.