How does cryptocurrency mining work ?

In the traditional monetary system, banks and states print coins and notes. But in the Bitcoin landscape, we talk about mining. Clearly, this allows you to own the crypto, without having to buy it. The following article shows you how to mine bitcoin and how crypto mining pays off.

What does cryptocurrency mining mean and how does it work ?

In innovation for the past ten years, cryptocurrency mining is an activity that consists of securing a data transfer network in exchange for a reward. The latter takes the form of fragments of cryptocurrency tokens. In addition, crypto mining is the validation of a digital currency transaction carried out by encrypting its data and recording it on a blockchain. 

Regarding its operation, cryptocurrency mining requires significant IT efficiency. It must be remembered that this activity is much more complex. Indeed, the process on which Bitcoin mining is based, the proof of work, has several stages : 

• A transaction takes place between two network users, 

• This transaction is integrated in a block, 

• Minors check the validity of the transaction, 

• Minors include the header of the most recent block in the new block as a « hash », 

• The miners seek and find the solution of the mathematical problem posed, 

• A new block is then added to the blockchain before being broadcast to the entire network.

Cryptocurrency mining, how to proceed ?

First of all, it is important to specify that a large majority of individuals who invest in Bitcoin are not minors : mining a cryptocurrency requires computing power, time to devote to this activity, and mathematical knowledge. Basic. Otherwise, cryptocurrency mining is generally done the same for most miners : through software on a regular PC or a machine specializing in cryptocurrency mining. 

However, if you want to mine Bitcoin yourself, you need to have a crypto wallet or crypto wallet which will be needed to store your tokens. In reality, these wallets are available in physical or virtual form : the former usually take the form of USB drives, while the latter are applications that allow you to control your crypto assets. You will then be faced with the problem of calculations. As you know, the Bitcoin blockchain is nothing new, and the difficulty of the calculations required to validate transactions continues to increase with each halving. 

Initially, Bitcoin mining was done on conventional computers, but now the computing power is such that it is mandatory to turn to Bitcoin Miner ASICs, computers specializing in this practice. It is thanks to this alternative that you can really mine your Bitcoin.

Is cryptocurrency mining profitable ?

Certainly, cryptocurrency mining can be a profitable solution to getting BTC tokens. In previous years, anyone could engage in this activity. But today, this is no longer obvious, as this activity benefits cooperatives and groups of miners. An individual can be profitable if and only if he joins a mining pool. And for that, it is imperative that you share the rewards with other minors. 

Also, it should be noted that miners’ cooperatives are able to predict possible rewards. Additionally, we would like to mention that the earnings from bitcoin mining depend on the power of your mining equipment and the price of the crypto.