Elitax : support for the tax returns of non-tax residents

Whether you are a resident or not, it is important to file your tax returns. However, for residents, it is much easier to do their numerous returns than for non-residents. So as a non-resident, you need professional guidance to successfully file your tax returns. 

How does the guidance work? 

To begin, Elitax explains everything you need to know about filing. You'll see all the information about the deadlines that are available in this content. Elitax will also send you a questionnaire that is made exclusively for French tax returns. The client will have to fill out the questionnaire before sending it back to the Elitax team. Elitax staff will then review your various responses and create your file. After studying the client's file, the Elitax team prepares the different declaration forms. Finally, Elitax will send out your tax forms or do the online filing on your behalf. 

Why choose Elitax to accompany you? 

Elitax is an indispensable solution for many people because this team provides all its clients with unparalleled skills in taxation. When you are a non-resident, it is also necessary to have all the important information before filing your income tax return. Elitax makes every effort to explain to each of its non-resident clients all the requirements that are related to the declaration of income. Secondly, you can also trust Elitax, as this company has many years of experience in this field. Finally, Elitax's competitive pricing is popular with clients. 

Elitax offers a free consultation to understand the needs of each of its clients. The questionnaire is also important, as it helps the Elitax team to identify the different types of income and assets that the client has. Finally, this company is at your disposal to provide you with information and advice.