Creating a chatbot : tips on how to do it effectively

Online businesses have become numerous on the web since the advent of the internet and technology. Every company creates its own website and attracts its own customers to sell its products. In order to keep a site up and running, computer scientists use a chatbot, which is a conversation robot. Find out in this article how to create a chatbot for your company.

Creating a chat stream

As a prelude to creating a chatbot, you must first choose a program that is the image source from which you will design your chatbot. You are free to choose the software or computer program that will allow you to create this chatbot since there are many available on the web. After this step, you have to set up the chat flow, which involves creating a chat flow. To do this, you have to go to the interface of the identified program. The "conversation" tab will be displayed on the interface, which you will choose. In the "conversation" tab, you will find the "chat flow" option which you must click on. Then, the option "create a bot" will be offered to you.

The configuration

Once you have created your chatbot, it is very important to proceed with its configuration. This will correspond to the different standard answers that the bot will give to Internet users. For this reason, you should create simple short messages that the chatbot will give to interact with customers. However, the messages should be relevant to your business. This way, there would be a coherence between the customers' request and the answers that the chatbot will provide. Also, you need to determine the tone with which the bot will communicate to customers. The bot is supposed to be welcoming and courteous; no discourteous words towards customers.

Define the start and end of the chat

The start of a conversation with the chatbot should usually be marked by a welcome message. Customers can ask any questions. But at the end of the conversation, a function should still be created that will let the customers know that the conversation is coming to an end. For this reason, you have to make the option of reactivity completely irrelevant. The customer will feel less interested and will end the conversation with the chatbot. On the other hand, one can make the chatbot inactive when it is used for a certain period of time by the same people. When all these settings are done on the chatbot, you can turn it on.